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Offering the Effective Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Patient Care

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Easy to Use

  • User-friendly interface
  • Quickly set pressure from 40-140mmHg
  • Continuous or Intermittent Modes
  • Various built-in safety alarms


  • Small, lightweight (8.6 oz.) for patient mobility
  • Disposable canisters that comes in both 110cc and 400cc capacities
  • Carrying cases available for both 110cc and 400cc sizes

Re-Chargeable Battery – 30 hours of continuous battery life

Dressings – Foam, Bandage (Anatomical Fitted) and Foot Dressings. Quick and easy application.

Coverage Criteria

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Ulcers and Wounds in the Home Setting:
The beneficiary has a chronic Stage III or IV pressure ulcer, neuropathic or a chronic (being present for at least 30 days) ulcer of mixed etiology.

Ulcers and Wounds Encountered in an Inpatient Setting:
An ulcer or wound is encountered in the inpatient setting and, after wound treatments have been tried or considered and ruled out, NPWT is initiated because it is considered in the judgment of the treating physician, the best available treatment option.