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Sleep apnea is a very common condition that causes interruptions in restorative sleep, leaving the sufferer not feeling rested the next day and often irritable or anxious. This can affect work or family time with loved ones. It can also cause the person to doze off during the day, which can affect productivity. This can be dangerous while doing certain activities, such as driving or operating equipment.

The Personal Support Medical Suppliers Program

Personal Support Medical Suppliers has a comprehensive Sleep Management Program to help screen for and treat Sleep Disordered Breathing. We have a wide selection of Positive Airway Pressure equipment that includes multiple styles of CPAP and BiPAP devices. Not only do we provide friendly service, but our staff of licensed clinicians can provide expert education and support. Our follow up and care are second to none and we will take care of you with a personal touch.

Top Quality Service

Personal Support Medical Suppliers is focused on providing top quality service to our patients. Our ongoing monitoring and evaluation process ensures continual improvement in the homecare experience. From order accuracy to helpful customer service, timely delivery, patient education, and equipment instruction — Personal Support is committed to serving your every need. Please see below for more information.

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