Our Values

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Our Vision

Our company’s management goals are to continuously strive to provide the highest quality home health care equipment, supplies and services to our community and customers. Our purpose is to assist our customers with the proper selection of equipment or products to best meet their medical needs, as prescribed by their physician, while being mindful of our fiscal responsibilities.

We are committed to improving our standards of performance to better meet the needs and expectations of both patients and staff. We achieve this commitment by:

  • Communicating a clearly defined mission
  • Recruiting highly professional personnel
  • Providing our personnel with opportunities for growth and development
  • Providing on-going education and training to develop skills and knowledge consistent with our services
  • Providing resources to implement and support the equipment and services we provide

Our Goals

  • Improving the quality of life of our patients and serving our communities
  • Keeping our company compliant with all federal, state, county and local laws and regulations
  • Increasing the value of the company and the service we provide
  • Offering our employees fair compensation and recognition for a job well done, opportunities for growth & a work atmosphere of mutual trust and respect

Our Principles of Business Conduct

  • Honesty – Demonstrate honesty and high ethical standards in all business dealings
  • Respect – Treat customers, suppliers, employees and others with respect and courtesy
  • Confidentiality – Protect confidentiality of Company’s, Patients’ and Employees’ information
  • Compliance – Ensure that business decisions comply with all applicable laws/regulation