Operating Safety Instructions

  • Gather equipment:
    • Medical Air Compressor;
    • Nebulizer unit with nebulizer cup and cap, T-piece, mouthpiece and tubing;
    • Medications.
  • Place compressor on a flat level surface near patient.
  • Fill medication cup with prescribed amount of medication solution./li>
  • Attach tubing to compressor and nebulizer connection.
  • Plug compressor power cord into an appropriate electrical outlet (UNGROUNDED outlet may require a GROUNDING ADAPTER).
  • Patient should be positioned in a comfortable upright seated or semi-reclining position.
  • Turn on compressor power switch.
  • Ensure nebulizer is operating properly by observing the production of a fine medication aerosol or mist.
  • Place mouthpiece in mouth and breathe in and out SLOWLY and DEEPLY through mouth. Every 4 or 5 breaths, hold for a moment to allow better dispersion of medication within the lung.


  • **If patient is an INFANT or patient tends to gag with mouthpiece in mouth, use a mask or simply blow mist into face.
  • **If patient complains of dizziness or fatigue during treatment, encourage frequent rests during the treatment process.
    • Breathe as described until medication is gone, usually 10 – 15 minutes. The sound of the nebulizer will change to a “sputtering” sound as the medication is used up.
    • Turn off power switch.
    • Clean nebulizer as directed in the cleaning instructions provided.

Call your servicing location if you have problems or questions.