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Since 2012 I have been in contact with your staff and others in Personal Support Medical Suppliers regarding the Hayek respirator that my wife, Diana, uses each night to enable her to sleep and breathe comfortably. While we have had a number of problems with the machine and the cuirass seals it requires

I have been able to contact your people and get a quick and satisfactory resolution.

I would like to especially mention the actions of Anna and Casey in Philadelphia and Gary Mefford who works for Hayek. While these are the people I have dealt with most often everyone in your office has been courteous and anxious to help. Any time I have called, Anna and Casey have been very helpful and acknowledged the importance of my problem and acted quickly to resolve it. Several of my calls recently have concerned the shortage of 8B seals, it is obvious that they share my concern and frustration with this situation. When a problem persists they have taken action to get the manufacturers and their bosses to go further than they are able.

Besides their willingness to help with my problems they are genuinely nice people who know who I am and are actually interested in me and my wife. I believe they would all make good friends.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Peter Harth

It is such a pleasure to work with Janice! She knows the system, she understands the process and she is also an excellent teacher herself!!

I wish I could have Janice train all of the other DME providers that I have and things would run so much smoother for me in my daily routine.

THANK YOU JANICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donnie-Michéle Jay, Case Senior Associate

I was in your office yesterday to get a mask and supplies for my CPAP. First off let me offer my most sincere thanks to you and Michelle for the service that I was provided. Clearly, that was over and beyond any prior service I have received from your company.

Paul B.

The replacement mask and chin strap were delivered today. I want to thank you for the prompt attention and follow up concerning this matter. You have provided me with the best customer service and communication I have received from your company in over ten years. Thank you.

Charles C.

Thank you so much for your help – again. Your willingness to listen, evaluate, and act should be highly valued in your company. Please pass this along to your boss that we consider you to be a real asset to your company. I hope we won’t be in a position to need your services any time soon, but because of you, we would love to work with Personal Support in the future.

William P.

My wife of 54 years is Margaret B. Last August we were referred to your company by Dr. William A. for Oxygen therapy. We have been Medicare customers since that time. We were ready to switch companies through local center for Rehabilitation. There were some instances dealing with your company that we just didn’t feel right by not getting the answers we were looking for or receiving the personal care.

In the transition of changing companies I received a phone call from Diane one of your managers. She took the time to explain to me certain options that your company had to offer for our qualifications. Being the angel that she is she explained in simple terms the answers to our questions. Her caring demeanor was exceptional. Diane took more time in caring about us then we expected.

Diane should be complimented for unblemished and outstanding representation of your company. She is a model of what makes people want to go out of their way to refer your company to others. Through her efforts I would like to wish you and your company all the best success for the future. I would also like to compliment you and your staff for having the leadership and foresight to hire such a person as Diane.

Jim and Midge B.

When I first called Personal Support I was looking for assistance with portable oxygen for my mother in law who we were moving from Pennsylvania to Colorado. I was nervous about her taking a road trip and Diane was so compassionate and really thoughtful of what the best options would be and explained with great patience what might work best for our situation.

Often in customer service I find people talk to you but Diane took the time to really listen and understand our needs. She offered alternatives and helped me navigate the process. I got more of an education with Medicare billing than I ever expected!

Diane went as far as taking the IGO unit next to her desk and coordinated the delivery. She called me back to reassure me several times and went above and beyond what I expected.

Diane is a terrific asset to your company and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Cindi S.

Today, February 14, 2013, Ann L called in to thank Bobby Francis for his help when she had a seizure. Bobby was coming to Ann’s house to switch out her concentrator. While Bobby was there, Ann told me that she fell and had seizure. She said that Bobby is a great guy, was very helpful, and wanted to make sure that everyone at Personal Support knew of his good deed. Ann told me that Bobby aloing with her neighbor assisted in getting her up her steps and making sure she was safe. Ann also said that our company has always been great to her.

Ann L.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend one of your support staff for her excellence of service and professionalism as provided to my wife, RK. I have had the pleasure to have known Michelle Adams for a little over a year and she was highly recommended to address RK’s specific needs. Subsequent to our first meeting and consultation, there was no hesitation that Michelle would become my wife’s personal contact for any of her respiratory requirements. During this time, we have found her to be one of the most conscientious, accommodating, polite, and knowledgeable respiratory professionals we have encountered within the medical supply profession. We have sensed and felt her care and concern for us, especially in her willingness to go what even I consider to be “above and beyond” that which is normally expected, during these difficult times we are all experiencing.

I can attest that many would not take the time to attempt, much less help others who, as did Michelle Adams. She is one who seems to have a very real concern for RK in addition to the other qualities mentioned previously and therefore this writer believes she should be recognized by your medical supply organization. Her very positive and amiable character is well appreciated by my wife and me and I would like to highly commend her to you at this time for her outstanding service and care provided to RK. My Hatooka, I appreciate your taking some time from what I know is a very busy schedule to acknowledge this individual for her exemplary service to this family and her kindness and consideration which I have found personally exemplified in Michelle.

Mr. Hatooka, please ensure that Michelle knows how welcome she is in our lives and how much we treasure her. Please recognize her in whatever manner Personal Support Medical Suppliers prescribes for being an outstanding medical professional. Trusting all is well and shall be looking forward to your honoring this request. Thanks for all you have done to maintain such an excellence in professional service to the public and in having such a representative as Michelle. Take care and should there be anything might be able to do for you in the future, yours is but to ask.

Should you wish, please feel free to tender a copy of this letter to whomever you deem appropriate as well. By your taking the time to acknowledge such an individual as Michelle Adams you, in turn, have also become very special to us as well and you deserve equal recognition for maintaining a viable and efficient operation. Thank you once again for honoring this request.

With Deepest Regards,

WK and RK

This letter is being sent to you as I feel it is imperative that I let you know how I have found my experience with Personal Support Medical Suppliers. My first experience was over a year or so ago when I was a patient at Pennsylvania Hospital. Upon my discharge your company had a tank of oxygen all set to go just to get me home. In no time flat once we arrived home there was the Personal Support truck with one of the most courteous and well informed gentlemen named Joe. He sat with my husband and I and explained everything we needed to know and what to do and what not to do. He made sure we understood without making us feel clueless. What a treat to have such a caring and understanding individual that can be such an asset to your company. Your company always made sure I had the supplies that I needed and always called to make sure I was ok. I really appreciated your company.

Pia M